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We Make Local Food People Love

We Create Food with Our Hands

We Source Quality Food 


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// An Apple Cider Vinegar  infusion! Made of 100% Northeast Grown Herbs and Vinegar //

// Sun Cider infuses Local Organic Turmeric, Ginger, Onions, Garlic, Horseradish, Lemon Verbena, + Aji Limon Peppers //

M.A.F. fills the world with inspiration and invigoration. 

As part of this mission we will offer, free to all, without copyright or cost, the ratios and recipe for Sun Cider,    

This potent medicine is at its best when made at home by the sipper, using ingredients close to the heart....

The Sun Cider we've made for you is a close second! 

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  Sun cider will be out soon!

We will share our ratios and recipes!

Where can I find Local Maple Granola?


Find Local Maple Granola at: 

Next Barn Over CSA Farm Store - Hadley 

Brookfield Farm - Amherst 

Simple Gifts Farm - Amherst

Mountain View Farm - Easthampton

State Street Fruit Store - Northamtpon

Cornucopia Foods - Northampton

Provisions Market- Northampton

River Valley Market - Northampton

Coopers Corner - Florence

Micro Farmers

We bake delicious, crunchy granola, with expert attention, using local and organic ingredients. We make Artist Blends with the help of local bands to spread the sounds and inspiration. AND...

Massachusetts Artisan Foods is now identifying as a hybrid Micro Farm and Creator of Amazing Pantry Goods (Bakery). We grow slowly and in 2018 we strive to use ingredients from our micro farm whenever possible, and all our products will continue to highlight Bay State Organic Farms. This year we will be offering soup and tea blends using our own home grown Herbs and Vegetables as well as products from local farms. Every year more and more of the ingredients in our products will be grown by us! We’ve turned the traditional farm model of growing products and then adding value for market sales UPSIDE DOWN. We started by making grocery products everyone loves and are now increasingly featuring plants we can grow as we expand.